Change from Last Year to This Year – Empty Time

I remember last winter when I was in high school. I thought it was extremely cold outside, and I was stuck inside working on my college application papers. There was absolutely no time to take breaks or even to stretch out. Frantically, I was writing all my college papers until the due date, the beginning of next year. With only hours left until the deadline, I finished submitting all of my applications. At that time, never did I think that I would be studying in Grinnell College. After all the submissions, I had no time other than to start finishing the rest of the schoolwork that was due right after winter break ended.

Now that I look at myself now in my first winter break of college, I am in a situation that is completely opposite of how I felt last year. With all my study complete for the first semester, there is no extra work to be completed in winter break. With no burden in the form of study, I currently feel liberated. Having time to focus on hobbies and meeting friends is something that I cherish, since I know the hardships of not having enough time to do activities that I actually enjoy.


With more free time, updates in games are easier to catch up to.

This choice of having the time to do whatever I want might be something that some people truly desire, but to be frank, I feel emptiness or to be more specific, dissatisfaction. For a couple of years until now, I have always had something to be doing, whether it be studying for standardized tests or finishing reports. Without the “something” that I need to complete, I am unsure of how to spend my time effectively. No matter what I do during my winter break, I keep getting the feeling that I could spend the break more effectively.

Of course I am not saying that I want a colossal amount of work to do like I had last year; however, having something to do and an objective to achieve is vital for me. For those of you who are in the same situation as I was last year, you can see this as a sign that after working hard now, an unoccupied break awaits you a year later. At the same time I am also saying that no matter how much time you have, spending time wisely, and making goals is important.

This is Oraaaaaa, and I hope you have a great end to your year.


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